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Grateful to all of you for creating the fabulous HP Buddy Bowl!  What an outstanding event! No stone was unturned, you pulled out all the plugs, and it was an amazing event for the entire community!..So proud of the 2021 boys for their friendship and kindness, and sincere hearts in understanding inclusivity.  I believe their actions to be life changing for the young people with special needs, and I am also sure for themselves.

- Julie



Absolutely Amazing!!

- Carolyn


First let me say how grateful we are that you have an amazing son to create camaraderie between the typical population and the special needs population in Highland Park.  The warmth, kindness, generosity, and willingness to open your hearts to those living with special needs is nothing short of a miracle.  We absolutely love living in Highland Park and I wanted to personally say thank you for raising such an amazing son.  My still talking about his time on the football field and the medal he won today—just like his friends who won the state football title this year at HPHS!  Thank you doesn’t even seem to be enough to say, but thank you from the bottom of my heart!  We look forward to next year’s buddy bowl!





The event was a huge success! Kudos to you and the team you put together for all of your hard work and dedication... it paid off big time!  Everyone had an amazing time. This is a great beginning to a new tradition and legacy for the class of 2021. We are already hearing from parents about how fabulous the event was and how much they enjoyed it! You have given these families an opportunity they would most likely not ever have a chance to experience!

- Debbie


To see the smiles on the faces of our special needs athletes was a a heart warming experience. The Buddies, their parents and the entire school district should all be proud of the way the Buddies came together and made the event such an incredible day for so many.

- Evan


I just wanted to thank you for today. Buddy Bowl was an absolute knockout!  It was obvious that countless hours went into organizing and carrying out such an event…. . It was top notch.

Our son...had the time of his life, and his helper…was so great with him. What a positive example these boys have set for those coming up behind them- to look beyond themselves and remember those that are often forgotten. It gives me so much hope for the future for both of our boys- typical as well as special needs.

- Mary Katharine 


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